Smart Home WiFi Smart Air Purifier with Tubular Motor


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Product Highlights

  • Premium 4 Stage HEPA Filter System: PRE + HEPA + Activated Carbon + Inner Proctor
  • A comprehensive filtration system to keep airborne allergens and germs at bay while freshening the indoor air quality all at once.
  • 100% Ozone Free; Never use UV Light & Anion Purification which will harm users & pets
  • Filters 99.97% of all airborne particles
  • Mobile Phone Control: Control functions easily through your mobile device
  • PM2.5 Particle Sensor: The in-built PM2.5 particle sensors constantly monitor the surroundings and react accordingly to the quality of the air.
  • Air Quality Indicator: Premium Air Purifier changes the colour of the light according to the surrounding quality.
  • Smart Energy-Saving Night Mode: Cosmo Air Purifier AI senses and reacts to the surrounding light intensity. When senses darkness for 30 seconds, Cosmo Prime will enter into Smart Energy-Saving Night Mode.
  • Timer Mode: Set time 2h, 4h or 8h
  • DIY Easy Filter Replacement + Filter Change Indicator: Replace your filter effortlessly once the filter change indicator is being displayed.
  • 4 Speed Modes:
    • AUTO MODE: Produces an optimal airflow rate according to the surrounding air quality.
    • HIGH MODE: Generates the maximum airflow rate of 800m³/h.
    • MEDIUM MODE: Generates an airflow rate of 600m³/h.
    • SILENT MODE: Produces only 25 dB for a peaceful sleep/rest.

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Product Specifications

HEPA Level HEPA 11/ Custom HEPA 13
Clean Air Delivery Rate 210m³/h
Recommended dehumidifier space(m²) 36 m²
Suitable Small Office , rooms & etc
Control Mode Intelligent Linkage Control, App Control, Touch Control
Purification Core Method HEPA Filter

Product Warranty

1 Year